How Big Money Corrupts
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Despite news of economic expansion, actual statistics show since the middle 1970's the average consumer has lost over $5.00 an hour or $11,000 a year in wages and consumer debt has risen over 6 trillion dollars. More than one million people have filed for personal bankruptcy in 1999. The concentration of wealth in the United States is now as maldistributed as it was 1929 and during hte Depression years with 1 percent of the population having over 40 percent of the wealth. That's more wealth than the combined bottom 90 percent of the population. 37 million Americans are at or below the poverty line. If a person works, he or she shouldn't be poor, they should to be able to comfortably support themselves and their families.

What's the problem? Business interests outgave labor interests by a factor of 11-1 in the last election cycle my incumbent representative has over $145.00 in business donations in his campaign compared to lesss than $2,000 from labor. Who gets represented? What do you think? What's the solution?

Laborers can't afford to outspend big business. Let's go with the way Australia runs their campaigns: "total public sponsorship". By the way, they have a $10.00 an hour minimum wage vs. $5.15 in the United States., and enjoy 6-8 weeks of vacation a year. In the U.S., many workers are lucky to get two weeks a year.

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