How Big Money Corrupts
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The Natural Law Party promotes fairness in campaign financing through public sponsorship of election campaigns and supports legislation to correct injustices through the following campaign finance reforms:
  • Eliminate PACs - The elimination of PACs and special-interest control of the political process would make our elected representatives responsive to the people once again.

  • Eliminate "soft money." This loophole overcomes the legal limits that individuals or corporations can donate to campaigns - limits which are flagrantly violated today.

  • Restrict lobbying. Strictly limit the ability of former public servants to lobby on behalf of domestic and foreign interests. The number of lobbyists has ballooned: It grew 37 percent in the last two years and now tops 20,000. That breaks down to 39 lobbyists - and $2.7 million - for each member of Congress.

  • Eliminate congressional privileges. Public servants should abide by the same laws as every American citizen. Free mailings, congressional pensions, and other special privileges should be limited.

    "The problem of power is how to get men of power to live for the public rather than off the public." - Robert F. Kennedy

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