Natural Law Party
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· Prevention-oriented health care to prevent disease, improve health, and reduce costs

· Reducing crime through innovative, field-tested crime prevention programs

· Educational reforms to develop the full mental potential of the student

· Renewable energy production and energy conservation

· Sustainable agriculture to increase crop yields and profitability without chemical fertilizers and pesticides; a moratorium on genetically engineered foods until proven safe

· Cutting taxes deeply and responsibly through cost-effective solutions to problems

· Eliminating special interest control of our politics


Here are candidates that everyone can support:
Presidential Candidate, John Hagelin:, (800) 332-0000
U.S. Senate Candidate,
John Eastman:, (937) 767-7919
U.S. Congress District 5 Candidate,
David J. Schaffer:,, (419) 465-2138
Ohio House of Representatives District 63 Candidate,
John Fitch:, (419) 929-1070




For more information:
Natural Law Party   (800) 332-0000   
Natural Law Party of Ohio   (216) 921-7727