Schaffer for Congress
Natural Law Party Candidate, Ohio U.S. Congressional District 5
     The focus and biggest concern of my campaign and once elected, is protecting the health and improving the economic well being of the people of my district and the nation based on a prevention-oriented proven solutions approach to government. That means policies, approaches, and programs for solving problems should be extensively researched and field tested before they're implemented, whether it's for: education reform, tax and economic reforms, preventative healthcare reform, lowering the crime rate, natural sustainable agriculture, environmental, food safety reform, or strengthening the democratic process. This approach is common sense, intelligent, far-sighted, it's fiscally responsible and it promotes a responsible and sustainable government.
     The political process in Washington has become a crisis management approach for solving problems blindly throwing tax dollars on unproven programs that creates more problems then it solves. In addition, the majority of our elected officials have decided to bow down to big money campaign contributors, instead of protecting our health and economic well being. Big money campaign contributions come in the form of soft money, political action committees, and powerful lobbyists such as: the powerful banking and insurance lobby, the pharmaceutical industry, agricultural business, defense contractors, big oil companies, and the bio-tech industry, this approach subverts our democratic process creating unnecessary high taxes, high healthcare costs, declining real wages, a family farm crisis, serious concerns involving our foreign policy, the environment, and the safety of our food supply, resulting in an endless and vicious cycle of economic stress, tensions, and frustrations for the vast majority of Americans.
     Research shows that the candidate who spends the most money wins 90 percent of all campaigns. This excludes many candidates who might make fine public officials but who lack personal wealth or access to the wealth of others. In addition big money corrupts each year tens of billions of dollars flow out of our treasury in the form of tax breaks, government contracts, subsidies, and favoritism in legislation, all with little or no merit and all at the tax payer's expense. It's called corporate welfare, costing taxpayers several times more than welfare for the poor. It's been estimated that over three billion dollars will be spent on this year's political campaigns with over 80 percent coming from the wealthiest one quarter of one percent of the population. It's no wonder we have such cynicism and low voter turnout in our country. The vast majority of Americans are feeling the results of the highest concentration of wealth since the Depression. Also due to this corrupt political process, the tax load has been unfairly put on the average working taxpayer. In the 1950's businesses contributed 40 percent of tax revenues. Now, due to big money influence, business only contributes 10 percent of tax revenues putting 90 percent of the tax load on the average working taxpayer. This creates two or three income families, one to pay taxes, the other the necessities. In 1950's, only 10 percent of both parents worked, now that percentage is over 70 percent resulting in undue economic hardship and frustrations on working families. The Natural Law Party is the political party of principle that accepts no campaign contributions from political action committees and businesses and is dedicated to strengthening the democratic process through equal ballot access of all political parties and by eliminating political action committees and soft money and supports the public sponsorship of political campaigns.