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Natural Law Party seeks new answers
Norwalk Reflector, October 22nd, 1996

Willard - Local farmer and factory worker David Schaffer is running as the Natural Law Party's candidate for the state's 5th Congressional District to make a point.

The fledgling party is trying to garner enough votes nationwide for it's presidential and congressional candidates to become a viable third party in the democratic process.

The grass-roots party has 700 candidates on the ballot in 48 states, including John Hagelin, the NLP presidential candidate, who will be on the November ballot in 45 states.

Schaffer, 40, an assembly lineworker at Durable Corporation in Norwalk, said he became interested in the party becasue of its position on taxes, health care, government entitlement programs and the economy.

Schaffer said he's worried about the effects of herbicides and pesticides on American agriculture in the heavily rural 5th District, in addition to the major political issues.

"I was asked by the party to run," Schaffer said. "I had heard about the Natural Law Party during the last election."

A key plank in the NLP's platform is cutting taxes to give relief to working families and to stimulate the economy.

"It's the government's basic inability to solve our problems of health care and taxes that we need to address," Schaffer said. "We can cut taxes and cut them responsibily - not like Bob Dole wants to."

"Now, the American workers are paying 90 percent of the tax load, and business is only paying 10 percent," he added. "We would stimulate the economy by lowering taxes responsibly - without adding to the deficit or cutting essential services - on the basis of the hundreds of billions of dollars by our proven, cost-effective solutions to crime, healthcare costs and education."

Schaffer said he supports the party's position on paying for preventive medical care through the Medicare program, which would ultimately save money.

"Research shows that 50 percent of deaths and 70 percent of diseases are preventable," he said. "We need to provide Medicare coverage for prevention-oriented services that have proven to be cost-effective. This would not only slow the rate of Medicare growth, but actually cut costs outright without taking away a single benefit and ensuring Medicare solvency."

Other plantform planks include:
- Provide good-paying, meaningful jobs for all.
- Eliminate government waste and special interest control of government.
- Simplify the tax code and eliminate loopholes.

"Our approach is intelligent and common-sense solutions to crime, the economy, pollution, health care, education, agriculture and other issues," Schaffer said.

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