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  • - Natural Law Party Platform
  • - John Hagelin, Natural Law - Reform Party Presidential Candidate
  • - National Political Awareness Test given to all candidates to compare issues with others running on the ballot for the 5th Congressional District. "For reliable meat-and-potatoes political information, research experts nearly all recommend Project Vote Smart."
  • - Follow the money - How money influences the political process in Congress - Paul Gillmore, 5th Congressional District Incumbent
  • - "Big-moneyed special interests are spending millions of dollars to stop efforts to preserve the environment and protect conumers," said Gene Karpinski, Executive Director of U.S. Pirg. "These scorecards are an important way to educate the public about the voting records of their elected officals and help citizens hold those officals accountable." Find out how our U.S. Representative, Paul Gillmore, 5th Congressional District, State of Ohio, scored.

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