• Education
         Thomas Jefferson said, "A democracy cannot be both ignorant and free." With that quote, the Natural Law Party holds that the solution to most of our nation's problems lies in proper education., assignment writing service in UK states that the problem is today's education approaches develop at most 5 to 10 percent of a student's mental potential. The Natural Law Party supports education that develops the full mental potential of the student as the basis for true education reform and will support any educational approach that has been extensively researched and proven to develop creativity, intelligence, and comprehension. This will naturally make the learning process easier, less stressful, and more fulfilling for students, teachers, administrators, and it will create a solution for improving academic achievements, students general disinterest in learning process, and curbing high drop out rates. The United States has the highest drop out rate among industrialized nations.

  • Economy
         "We can have a democratic society or we can have the concentration of great wealth in the hands of the few. We cannot have both." - Louis Brandeis
         Despite news of economic expansion, actual statistics show since the middle 1970's the average worker has lost over $5.00 an hour or $11,000 a year in wages and consumer debt has risen over 6 trillion dollars with more than one million people filing for bankruptcy in 1999. The concentration of wealth in the United States is now as maldistributed as it was in 1929 and during the Depression years with 1 percent of the population having over 40 percent of the wealth. That's more wealth than the combined bottom 90 percent of the population. 37 million Americans are at or below the poverty line. If a person works, he or she shouldn't be poor, they should be able to comfortably support themselves and their families.
         The Natural Law Party supports a pro-growth economy based on sound and proper tax and monetary reforms allowing for the economic security and prosperity for all Americans, not just Wall Street or the wealthiest ten percent and fair trade policies that don't exploit workers or the environment.

  • Healthcare
         I will promote a universal healthcare policy so those American's without proper insurance won't fear what to do if a family member gets sick or has to go for an emergency room visit.
         The Natural Law Party also supports health care reforms based on prevention of disease and promotion of health. The source of the health care crisis in America is poor health. Research shows that 70 percent of disease and 50 percent of deaths are preventable. The United States has the most expensive disease care system in the world but some of the worst disease statistics among industrialized nations caused by an epidemic of unhealthy habits: smoking, drinking, poor diet, lack of exercise, etc. By focusing on prevention of disease and the promotion of health, disease care costs can be cut in the most responsible way, by keeping people healthy.
         "The source of the healthcare crisis in America is poor health." - John Hagelin, NLP Presidential Candidate

  • Agriculture
         The Natural Law Party strongly supports proven and profitable natural sustainable organic farming as a solution to the family farm crisis and for improving the quality of our food supply and building up the soil, thus safe-guarding it for future generations. Recently published studies have found that 80 percent of adults and 90 percent of children have measurable concentrations of certain pesticides in their urine. Also, the Natural Law Party strongly supports a moratorium on genetically engineered foods until proven safe.

  • Crime Prevention
         The United States has the highest percentage of its' citizens locked up and warehoused in prisons and jails than any country in the world. The Natural Law Party supports common sense crime prevention based on keeping students in school and off the streets, proven crime rehabilitation, and economy that works for everyone creating a solution for lowering crime dramatically and allowing for a responsible way to empty our prison system. Research shows that 90 percent of crime is committed by high school drop-outs, 80 percent is committed by repeat offenders and studies show that it is economically related.
         The Natural Law Party supports congressman, Dennis Kucinich's proposal that one percent of the defense budget to be used for proven peace creating programs based that key population centers throughout the United States dedicated to promoting and implementing proven programs for reducing societal stress leading to significantly reduced crime, social violence, and international conflict.

  • Environment
         The Natural Law Party supports non-polluting, renewable energy production, such as solar wind, bio-mass and conservation practices as a solution to improving air quality and lowering energy costs. 64 thousand Americans die from air pollution from each year and African Americans die from asthma at a rate six times that of Caucasians. The United States with only 4 percent of the world's population produces 22 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming.

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